Wink Partners

Over the last 20 years Wink Partners Business Development
learned that the commercial success of a food producing
company is also based on the internal logistics, the variable and fixed production costs and the ability to implement the "market" into the factory lay-out and footprint. Bringing "the market" into the lay out makes it possible to react quickly on new costumer demands and market changes without extensive investments and costs. The knowledge and the experience of Wink Partners BD in designing factories is the basis of this masterclass. With a two-day masterclass Wink Partners BP wants to share experience and knowlegde with the food sector. By attending the masterclass the participants will be more aware of the benefi ts of designing a factory lay out in a structural way, making use of some simple tools.

toolS, themeS and interactive
The masterclass consist of 4 modules.
quadrant, U and I model
ratios on footprint and staff & personnel
push-pull boundary, decoupling point
a structural design method
The experience of the participants and the used methodolog will give the masterclass an interactive character.

for Whom?
The masterclass is especially "Designed" for managers, employed in the food sector.
owners and ceo's
production and technical managers
investment directors
architects, engineers and consultants