Wink Partners
Partner Search

Wink Partners is continuously looking for companies in order to make a profitable match for both parties.
The aim of this partner search and matchmaking is to reduce production costs, increase market share or to create prospects for investment. An important  example of Partner Search is Retail Product Supply. Changes in product demand and supply have to be monitored continuously. Wink Partners notices these changes and wants to play an active role in managing these changes. Based on a product concept, the retailer will be matched with the appropriate producer in order to create a proper and safe supply of new consumer products in the retail market. Partner Search is only successful if one has access to a large network. Wink Partners has an important network of respected companies in the food sector. Wink Partners motivates businesses to shift their boundaries.


the new and future EU countries
re-orientated countries, ex Soviet and Balkan states
emerging markets, Vietnam, Africa

merger of meat processing plants
cooperation between dairy companies
investments in fish farms and wet petfood